Five more Ministers of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) have been sworn-in today (April 26) by the Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Dr. Frank Ofagioro Kabui at Government House.

The Ministers are Hon. Ricky Nelson Houenipwela – Minister for National Planning for Development Coordination, Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo – Minister for Culture and Tourism, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga – Minister for Infrastructure and Development, Hon. Ishmael Avui – Minister for Forestry and Research and Hon. Anthony Veke – Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

These latest ministerial appointments have so far brought the number of Ministers to ten. The remaining ministerial appointments will be made in coming days until all 24 Government Ministerial portfolios are filled.

The appointments were made pursuant to section 37 of the constitution in which Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has advised the Governor General to appoint these Members of Parliament as Ministers to these respective Ministries.

Other Ministers that were sworn-in on Thursday (April 25) were Hon. John Maneniaru who is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Jeremiah Manele – Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Harry Kuma – Minister for Finance and Treasury, Hon. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada – Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services and Hon. Fredrick Kologeto who took up the Ministry of Public Service portfolio.

These ministerial appointments have formalized the responsibilities that each Minister will be performing as contained in the assignment of responsibilities instruments.



From top L-R: Hon. Ricky Nelson Houenipwela, Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga, Hon. Ishmael Avui and Hon. Anthony Veke. PC:SIG-GCU